The Center for Risk Management at Lausanne (CRML) based at HEC Lausanne within UNIL focuses on risk management and quantitative methods. The missions of the Center are to create and disseminate knowledge on the systemic risks that may impact our world and economy and the sustainable solutions that we identify to mitigate their impacts. The Center needs support for the improvement of this website and the methodologies behind it. We seek partnerships with the financial industry, regulators, or media to further promote risk measurement.


For the moment, the Center focuses on systemic risk measures and sustainable investment, but it plans to diversify toward new fields.


Fabio Alessandrini and Eric Jondeau,
Directors of the Center

2021 Switzerland Real Estate ESG Survey

Supported by Banque Cantonale Vaudoise and University of Lausanne, the CRML has launched a survey to assess the ESG profile of Swiss real-estate investment vehicles. Results of the 2021 survey are now available.


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Systemic risk measures for European financial institutions

The SRISK measures correspond to that capital shortfall of the firms in case of a new financial crisis, defined as a 40% semi-annual decline of the world stock market. They are constructed by the Center for Risk Management at Lausanne, in collaboration with the NYU Stern’s Volatility Institute, run by NYU Stern Professor and Nobel Laureate Robert Engle.

Systemic Risk in Europe (in billion euros)